Saturday, March 17, 2018

From movies you can learn and experience a lot of things. Relationships, first love, family, friends and much more. I appreciate watching a good good movie and finally got time to spend watching some new movies and series. A movie that for a long I really wanted to watch and today I will write about is "CALL ME BY YOUR NAME". I have heard a lot of things before I saw it about it. 

This movie is something unreal. It touches you and makes you feel the emotions that they are showing to you. This movie is so pure and real. It's a masterpiece!
"Call Me By Your Name" unfolds like a beautiful dream. Set in an idyllic Italian town where people have nothing to do except eat, drink, take long bicycle rides and make love. This is a love story about two men – a seventeen years old Elio, from Italy and twenty-four years old American scholar Oliver. Their way of showing love to each other and communicating throw the whole time Oliver is here. The whole atmosphore his movie has is so calm and warm. It makes you feel their happines.
If you are interesting you can watch the trailer.

I'm writing this text while listening to the soundtrack of this movie and it's magical! You should listen to these great songs. I will definitely be listening to all those songs for at least a month.
I really enjoy watching movies that are not made in USA or England. They are much more interesting and have better cinematography. I totally recommend this movie to you and if you want to see another similar movie "The Way He Looks" is also a masterpiece. Check it out!

Have a great saturday and I will be writing a new post soon!


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