Saturday, March 17, 2018

Eating healthy food, exercising or banning yourself from eating some kind of foods was never a thing for me. (Except for drinking tons of water) I did not care what I added to my body, because I was and still am naturally skinny. From the grade of 7 my skin started to breakout and I am still struggling with it. These few months I was changing the food I eat and restricting myself from some of it. (I am doing not only these things now, but about them, I could tell on another post)

The first thing that as I mentioned earleir is drinking a lot of water. I have been regularly drinking tons of water every day from maybe 7 grade and for me now it's a habit. I don't need to remind myself to drink it. This fall, I started adding lemons or vineger to my water for more taste, but I actually really enjoy drinking on its own.

From 2017 fall, I started switching regular milk with non dairy milk. Just like coconut, rice, oats, almond. I could drink on at its own, because I really like how they taste. I add it to my coffee or whem I am baking. Then I bake I usually search for vegan recipes, because it's way better for you. I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I am admiring veganism and vegetarism.

And the last habit that I will tell you now is that I started changing regular potatoes to sweet potatoes. Actually, when I first tried them 1 and a half years ago I really like really did not like it. At first it tasted just like carrots and I am not a huge fan of them. And like a month ago I tried them the second time and I absolutely love it. For now I am making it just with vegetable oil, salt and pepper and it tastes amazing. I will be searching for more recipes with them for sure.

These are just a few of the habits that I am doing for now. I am going small steps at a time. Cuting as much gluten products as I can is my next goal. Starting a healthy lifestyle is for sure a hard thing, but if you are doing small at a time and adding it all together it will be not as hard.

Do you have some tips or hackes for a healthy habits and healthy lifestyle?
Tell your opinion and story in the comments!


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9 Notes

  1. Nice blog post! I can completely relate to this, I've also struggled (and continue to struggle) with my skin.

    I've noticed that eating vegan foods have made a difference, it's reduced the inflammation of my acne a lot! Try it out and let me know if this tip helps you! :) Also, Pinterest is THE best place for easy vegan recipes.

    1. Yes, I will definitely try that out.
      Thank you so much!

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