Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hi! How are you?
Just a few weeks ago I finished my everyday moisturiser and I really needed to buy a new one. First, I was thinking of buying the same one, because I thought that the new will break out my skin. Though, I really wanted to try this one from Clinique for a long time now and I have heard many good things about it. So today I will be reviewing and saying my first impression about this CLINIQUE 3-Step Skin Care System that I recently bought and have been using about a week now.
On the package it says that you will see results after 10 days. Hope that's true, haha. If you are thinking about trying any of these items, make sure that you know your skin type, because if you choose one that's not for your skin type, it can make your skin worse. Also, all products are allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, that's great for sensitive skin.

When I tried it for the first time I loved how it leaves my skin feel. It felt so clean. The cleanser that I was using before was super drying, that after a few times I stopped using it. This liquid facial soap does not dry out my skin, just a little bit tightness sometimes. Also, you need just a little amount to wash your whole face, so it will take a long time to finish it all. It actually foams really easily and feels great on my skin.

I loved it from the first try! This toner effectively removes leftover makeup and leaves skin feeling clean and tingly. I really liked the tingly feeling when you first put it on. It actually has a smell of alcohol, but it isn't that bad. You can get used to it.
After using it my skin feels very soft, very clear and also it cools and refreshes my skin, so it's great to use in the mornings. I have read that for many people it dries out skin, but for me it does not. 

The last and the one that I mostly wanted to try. Directions says that you only need to use this on dry areas of the skin, but for now I am using it on my whole face, because it's cold and my face is really dry.
As the name of this moisturiser says it's "dramatically moisturising" and that's completely true. After applying it my skin feels incredibly smooth and healthy. I can say that it leaves some kind of  "coated" feeling and in the day (no makeup) it gets shiny. I haven't tried applying makeup on yet.
But I think it's a great product especially for the ones who has super dry skin. 

These products work well and makes my skin clean, smooth and soft. So far I enjoy using them and now after about a week of using it, I can see a bit of difference, however, it is very early in using them and this might all change.
 In the first 3 days my skin was breaking out and at first I was kinda scared to continue to use it. But in the 4/5 day of using it my skin got better. Skin needs to adjust to new products. 
Well, if you want to try it, I think you definitely should and it's great because you can buy a kit with all products that are essential to your everyday routine. And they are mini versions, so if you will not like it, it will not be a waste. 
I will be using this kit for now and hope that it helps my skin to clear out more. If someone wants an update on how my skin will be in a month or two, feel free to dm me on instagram or facebook. (or gmail)

Have any of you tried this system? What are your thoughts about it? Do you like it?

xoxo, bernadeta

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  1. I have heard great reviews with Clinique skin care products. Would love to try this out! Thanks for sharing your review ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!