Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How are you?

And also I wanted to say Happy New Year's, because it is already 2019! Don't you feel weird? Because I can't believe how fast this year went and how many different things went in it.
This year has given me a lot of lessons and all the mistakes I did and others did was to make sure that in this new year it won't happen again. I hope:). This 2018 year also have I given me some really amazing opportunities that I caught and I love that I did! And I hope 2019 would be filled with them too!


I just recently went to my old blog post about my New Year's 2017 and I really laughed when I saw them. Not sure what I was thinking or what I am thinking now, but I actually did some of them. Not all. You can read that post here - NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS 2017. I am not sure why I did not do this kind of post in 2018, but I guess we will never know.


 Some of the 2017 Year's resolutions I did was to participate in an exchange and I did that. I was in Valencia, Spain. You can read about my trip to Spain in my blog post - EXCHANGE TO SPAIN. It has given so much new experience and I still can't forget about the morning croissants with fresh orange juice, this lovely light blue water and the old town of Valencia where we spent a lot of time. I am dreaming of coming back to Spain and I will do some day!


Another thing that I did from my list was to celebrate my birthday well. This one is a little bit weird for a new year's resolution I guess. I celebrated my birthday with my family in Klaipėda and also I had a chance to be on a Babe Universe photoshoot in Olando Kepure and see how the fashion industry works. And I love it and really would want to connect my future with it.
My parents and my sister bought this lovely cake that said Happy Birthday and I loved it! You don't actually believe how happy I was about that cake. I really love all these cute little things that make my heart a little bit warmer!


Next on my list was to learn a little bit of some other language. I actually did that! Also super proud of that. At school I am learning German and I like it a lot. It sounds weird, but it really helped me when I am connecting to German bloggers! Besides that I learned a few sentences in French and would love to learn more or even go to private lessons to learn it.


Going further, I went to a Mac DeMarco concert in October 2018 and that was on my list too. I actually just realized that I did not do a blog post about it and I feel really sad. I wanted to share my experience and my love for him with all of you. I did an Insatgram post in it. I added a lot of different photos and videos. So if you want to see it go there - MAC DEMARCO CONCERT.


That's it for my reflection on 2017/2018 Year's resolutions. If you want to see that other things I had on my list - check the post! This year I travelled, I had a good and a bad times. Worked in another country in a really bad condition and had many different experiences that made me more open minded and made me reach my goals for bigger education. I had difficult times, some friendships ended and some came and all that made me really think about everything in another perspective.

 I had a chance to see inside of The Babe Universe, just because of this blog that I have never thought would bring me to something or somewhere. I did it because I love it and I will do it this year, but a little bit more active. This 2018 Year was actually so changing I can't believe how everything quickly changed. But now...

Lets start with


  • I want to be MORE active on my blog. As I said before, this blog has given me so many opportunities. I love doing it - writing, taking and editing the photos and all that stuff that includes the blog design. If you don't know you really need a little bit of effort to make it look pretty! And I hope you like my blog design. 
  • One personal resolution I want to make is to be more easy-going. It might be strange for other people, but for me - a really shy and self-conscious person is a big deal. Saying yes a lot more. I am not sure how to actually start this, but I will find my way. At least you need to try! And everything will find itself, it's way.
  • Later, I want to travel to more cities, countries and even go outside of my continent. This resolution may be really popular for a lot of people, but travelling is what makes you you. It gives you so much. So much experience, lessons, knowledge. I don't want to waste my last 1,5 year at school not travelling. 
  • To get my driven license. This is not what I really want, because I don't give a sh*t about driving a car (everyone is obsessed with the idea of having and driving a car), but I need them to drive myself to school. But I hope this will be a stimulus for me work for it to pass that exam.
  • I have been eating vegan for most of the time, but I also had some cheat meals or desserts. So my resolution would be to try not to eat any non vegan food products. I love eating vegan, but in some circumstances, it can be hard. 
  • To travel by myself. I really want to do that and I think I would enjoy it. Even if it is the smallest trip to another city or when I turn eighteen I want to see another country all by myself. 
  • I think the last thing I want to mention is that I should write in my diary more often. I am still writing, but really not that often. So I should for on it. If you ever wrote a diary you would know that seeing what you wrote in 2 or 5 years ago is so cool. Like what have you thought when you were 12 or 10 years old? So I need to work on it a little bit more!

I think these are all the resolutions I want to make or at least try to make this year. Also, I would add that I want to start going to the gym, but it can be a little bit hard for me now, but I hope one day I will. I hope this new year give me some awesome opportunities that will give me experience and understanding. I also want to wish you to have a good time and that this year would be really amazing for you! 

What New Year's Resolutions did you plan for this year? 
Don't forget to comment them down below! 

with love, Bernadeta

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