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Sunday, July 09, 2017

So today I'm finally writing this post about my exchange in Valencia, Spain that was this spring. Even though it has been just one week in Spain, but this week was one of the most amazing week in my life.

So many different things than in Lithuania and so many new things and new activities to try. First of all, it was my first time flying by plane and that was freaking excited and I really really liked. (and now I want to travel somewhere by plane so so bad) When we stepped out of the airport, I could already feel warm weather even though it was night. One of the best things that happen to us was that we lived in the old town literally 5 minutes by foot to get to Valencia center.

We went to many different places by bus or just by foot. Also had a lot of free time so we could just go eat or go shopping or just go explore the city and see all different locations. I now can say that I love love love white sand beaches, turquoise sea, the mountains and last the palm trees. It just looks incredible. The old town of Valencia is just way different from Lithuania old town. All the buildings all a lot higher and more more colorful and it looks so beautiful.

We tried so much good and tasty food. During "family day" we went to the Valencia beach and ate so much seafood and everything was very tasty. (basically, I don't like sea food because I was poisoned with some bad fish and I was throwing up all week, but it would be rude to not eat) Every morning for breakfast we had croissants and orange juice and I these croissants were the best I have ever eaten. Also, I first time tried Macdonald burger and it was okay I guess. (i'm not really into fast food, i only like fries)

One of the best experience was going to the real Spanish club. I think is quite different from Lithuania even though I haven't been in club in Lithuania. We came to that place at like 12 pm and it only opened at 2:30 am. If you have watched the movie "Three meters above the sky" that place and the club is something like it shows in this movie. Now that I think we going to that club it was probably illegal because we are under-age. But in Spain teenagers are a lot different.

You know that saying "no matter where they live all people are similar" (or something like that) but I think it's not true. Spanish people are like ten times more relaxed and don't care what others think about them even then they go on the beach dressed how they want. And that is what a lot Lithuanian people need to feel - good at what they are or how they look and a little bit more relaxed.

This post has been just my memories from this trip that I will remember forever. And I am sorry because everything that I write in there was a bit shredded. There are many photos with small descriptions.
Hope you liked this post!
And question for all of you - where have you traveled and how different from where you live there is?

xoxo, Bernadeta

 (the view from our window in our room)

 (olive gardens while driving to the school)

 (some city vibes)

 (and more)

 (the main street in the Valencia center)

 (trip to Calpe city)

 (beach in Calpe)

 (photo from family day. we went to the beach)

 (this is traditional Spanish food - Paella and it is very very delicious. we also had a lot of different sea food)

 (and ofc we went to Starbucks, because in Lithuania we don't have Starbucks)

 (we usually ate croissants and orange juice for breakfast almost every day and i can say that these croissants was the best i ever had) (add me on snapchat - @bernadeta200)

 (biggest near Valencia)

 (another day at the random beach)

 (other cool place in Valencia)

 (Gulliver park)

 (these were the best croissants i ever had and i had like 3 of them)

 (last day and last money spent on Starbucks)

 (the view from the plane window)

 (another one)

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