Trying out MEAT LOVERS

Friday, July 14, 2017

Have you seen my last blog post about my exchange in Valencia? Go check it out!
I am already feeling summery and my long waited swimsuit finally came today. I'm super happy right now. I am sure I will do a review about things I bought on Zaful soon. But today I'm talking about my new favorite food - burgers! I have tried just a few burger places, but I always wanted to try Meat Lovers in Klaipėda, Lithuania and I finally got a chance. The atmosphere there is so calm and relaxing. And finally I ordered "Lover's" burger and it was freaking amazing! The best burger I ever had and I can't wait to try out other burgers as well. Everyone should check this place up! 
That's for today and I know it was a bit short, but I'm thinking of doing a new blog post soon.

xoxo, Bernadeta

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