Saturday, September 29, 2018

HEY, loves
For a long time now I wanted to visit this salon in Vilnius, Lithuania called "NAIL GAME" and I have seen many Lithuanian girls having done her nails in this salon and I freaking adore all of their nail designs. The girls that work here I think are truly an artists and super nice too! They do a lot of amazing minimalistic designs, but as you see from these my photos I choose something different.

I was thinking between doing some minimal design to doing a lot of pink, glitter and small cute drawings. You can see what I choose to do! And I freaking adore it. At first I was a little bit scared if it will look good, but when she finished I was really excited for it.

These photos were taken a week ago when I got it done, so it's a little bit grown out. I think these nails are literally my mood and I love it! I will be going back to this salon next month and I think I will actually do some minimalist art. Can't wait!

If some of you are from Lithuania I highly recommend you to try this place if you like to get your nails done! ( This time was actually my first time in a long time that I got my nails done )

Instagram: @nail_game_lt

love, Bernadeta

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16 Notes

  1. These are very cute and chic I especially love the pink!

  2. What pretty nails.. worth dyinh for.

  3. Love the nail art, so gorgeous. I will be going this week and will be getting a Halloween theme on my nails.

  4. Cute. I love short nails. They feel more natural to me

  5. These nails look so cute and adorable!

  6. I love the coffee graphic, so adorable!

  7. so cute the kitty one!:) and i love the one with coffee mug.

  8. I rarely see nail art blog nowadays and oh boy, you did and awesome art here.

  9. Wow, these are gorgeous!! I love the mismatched but still cohesive nail look!! Great job!!

    Jenny -