Thursday, April 26, 2018

sneakers - nike
coat - thrifted
dress - GAP/thrifted 
belt - mom's closet
sunglasses  - Reserved
bag - Brandy Melville

So, I finally finished this week and I'm super excited about eventually having time to write and take pictures. For me, this day - Thursday feels like Friday, because I have no school tomorrow. 

I took these photos on Sunday and I really wanted to share this outfit with you, because I liked it a lot. I don't usually wear dresses or skirts, but this time I was feeling it. This coat and the sneakers and the bag are all my favourite things. I wear them like non-stop. The bag has a meaning to me too, because I got it when I was in Spain. So, it reminds me of it a lot. 

I just saw one movie that I wanted to see a long time ago. Lady Bird - it's one of the movies that won a lot of awards. This movie is so pure and you can easily feel actors feelings. It has a good story and I think everyone should watch it. I actually didn't know that in this movie played Timothée Chalamet. I really enjoy watching movies with him and he plays in one of my favourite movies too. You can read about that movie in my older post - here.

The main story in movie LADY BIRD is about a highschool senior and her relationship with her mother. Also, it includes much more about teenager life: first loves, fake & real friends, struggles with money and questions what to do after school or what to study.

 You can check the trailer at first before watching this movie, but I definitely recommend you to watch it. Make sure, if you watched it or you are going to watch it ,to comment what you thought about it.

I have a one little request for you guys. Could you go to this link - LINK - and like this photo. I would really thankful if you do that! This would mean the world to me!

Thanks <3


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17 Notes

  1. Hurray for the Friday feels! Its such a great feeling to get freedom to do things for you. I'm looking forward to my next day doing just that and your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Your thrift images are awesome. I love thrifting too.

  3. I love this outfit nice way of styling these pieces together

  4. The outfit goes well together and it really suits you. Happy Friday have an awesome weekend.

  5. I like your sense of style. Your outfit looks amazing.

  6. Very nice outfit on you. Looks comfortable too!

  7. What a lovely outfit!! Great post as well

  8. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing

  9. Cute outfit pics! I've heard great things about this movie too.