Monday, January 29, 2018

Hey! How are you?
It's so good to be back writing a new post and I know it's been a really long time since I  posted something here. And I know it's boring to hear the same things over and over again why I haven't written. So today I finally got time and I will tell you about 2018 TRENDS.
And just to clarify: not every person can say that these things are "trends" for them, but for me, I have seen them many times on every social media and these days social media take a big part of the fashion industry and influences us in how we look and what we wear. I am not saying that everyone who is "trendy" must wear all these things, because everyone sees fashion differently and has a right to wear whatever they like. 

So first of all, one of the things I have seen many times this past time are PATTERNS. Most popular are checked prints as you can see in the pictures. The checked prints remind me of movie "Clueless" and all these prints came back from the 90s. You can easily find clothes with different patterns in almost all shops and pieces with prints can simply make your outfit look more put together.

Another "trend" that is now and was in 2017 end is LAYERS. Layering clothes not only looks good, but also makes you warmer which is really important if you live in a colder country. It's super easy to make a basic t-shirt and silk top look good even without trying. Also, you don't need to buy an expensive silk top/dress, you can simply find them in thrift shops and they look as good as buying from the shop. You can even layer blouses or shirts. It's really easy and you look great no matter what.
CHUNKY BOOTS are always on trend, but especially now. One of the advantages of them that they look good with every outfit and you can wear them everyday which is perfect for school/work. It's really great for rainy or snowy days. With them you can make your outfit look more edgy, or you can totally make them look casual for everyday use. I have a pair of Dr. Martens boots myself and they are one of the comfiest shoes I ever had. I could totally recommend.

This season is really popular FUZZY JACKETS and I'm seeing them everywhere. They look extremely good in real life and in photos. It can simply complete the outfit or it can make a simple outfit look absolutely stunning. Most of them are really warm, so it's perfect for winter. You can find them in any shop, but if you want a less expensive one, I think you can easily find them at thrift shops also.
THE VINTAGE LOOK came back in 2017 and is still in the fashion and I absolutely love it! As you can see there are a lot of patterns, different textures and most of the things (pants/skirts) are high-wasted which is really comfy. Most of the clothes you can find at the thrift shops and they are not that expensive and they look great after all.
And the last category is ACCESSORIES. Gold and silver JEWELRY especially: LAYERED NECKLACES, HOP EARRINGS and RINGS. If you are wearing a simple outfit you just need to add some jewelry and your outfit will look amazing. It's all about these little details you put on. BELTS are also in these days and for example I think they look charming with a simple t-shirt and a plain jeans. They are also not that expensive and you can find them anywhere.
And the last thing I will write about is SUNGLASSES! And I know it's not summer or spring, but you can wear sunglasses all year around. Sunglasses that are popular this time are not just regular sunglasses,  for some people it can look weird, but I think that they look absolutely amazing. Small narrow or even oval shapes and all kinds of colors. They also are vintage and looks so cool!
So, that's been all "trends" that I wanted to tell you about and I hope you liked it. I will be posting a lot more soon. Don't forget to comment your opinion about this post and what you want to see on my blog next!
xoxo, Bernadeta

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