Saturday, October 21, 2017

As sweet as Saturday can be, I'm here writing this blog post and listening to some calm music which are best when you're laying on your bed under blanket and from your window you can see this beautiful fall and leaves changing its colors.
This year is the first time in my whole life that I like fall (or autumn if you call like that better) and it's kinda weird because I never liked fall and leaves. And now when I'm walking from school, I truly enjoy walking and seeing all these colors. 
Question for all of you - do you like autumn? 

Last Saturday I was in Kaunas and I had a chance to go to Sugarmour. This place is super cute and 100% instagramable. All of their deserts looks and tastes really good. This time I got this desert with pistachios and raspberries. If you haven't tried Sugarmour yet you definitely should try it if you have a chance. 

I'm thinking of going to Comic Con Baltics this year, because one of the actors from Harry Potter is going to be here. And I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I want to see him and maybe ask for an autograph or a photo. 

This blog post was just full of my random thoughts and now it's the end of it. Hope you liked and comment what you want to see next!

xoxo, Bernadeta

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