Perfect handmade earrings

Friday, July 15, 2022



Accessories are definitely something that can bring your all outfit together. Just put some gold or silver necklace or put a pair of statement earrings and you will be good to go! Perfect for everyday if you want to wear a simple and comfortable outfit but want to not look "simple" haha. A statement jewellery piece can make any outfit better. 

So today I want to share with you the newest jewellery pieces I received from Simple Sphere Jewelry. They are 100% handmade, made from silk thread and for each pair it takes 2-3 hours to make! How insane is that? These earrings are definitely a statement piece in your outfit and they are such good quality too. They also have more than 70 different colours and few earring designs to choose from, so you will definitely find something that will make your wishes come true!

A must have for this summer season! 

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