Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How are you?
It really sucks that quarantine is still going on and we have so much bad things happening right now. Who could imagine that? I started having online classes which at first were really stressful, but now in the third week of it I got used to it. Well at least I think. Can’t get over my head that I could be graduating from school online, no graduation party, nothing haha.

But today I wound I’m here not to talk about my quarantine life, but I want to share with you new pieces that I got from Femme Luxe. As I think you have already seen my first blog post about this online clothing store, but if you haven’t make sure to check it out here. The items I will present today are a bit more casual then the ones I had previous time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them as much.

So the first item is Black Layer MeshRuffle Strappy Top – Reyna. I think I have a love / hate relationshipwith this top. At first when I put this top on I really don’t liked how it looked. However, few days later I tried it on and I felt in love with it. It looks really good! And I think you can definitely tell by the photos how pretty and precious it looks! I feel like a little princess with these ruffles and I can’t wait to wear it in the summer and also to take more photos with it! One thing to mention that you need to have a specific type of bra to put haha, because this top shows a lot of skin.

 Second item I will talk about is this RedOrganza Sleeve Top – Cyrus. I never before appreciated how great red color looks on me and this sleeve top does it all. It really confortable and it looks really awesome. This top also comes in 3 different color and sizes. Can't wait to wear this top to pretty dinner haha. I always think where I would wear the specific clothes. 

Moving on, the third and fourth pieces I putted into one outfit because they are perfect chilling at home comfy outfit that I had in my mind when picking. First one is this Pink Oversized Knit Jumper – Hetty. I actually thought it would be a bit a different shade of pink, but I like it anyway. It’s oversized and perfect when you just want to chill and feel comfy. Featuring a pink ribbed knit design in an oversized style, this gorg jumper is perfect teamed with high waisted jeans. 

Second item in this outfit is Mid Wash Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans. The first and the most important thing you need to know about them – they are so so comfortable. I never had this kind of stretchy jeans which looked that good.  These jeans look really great with that oversized knit jumper! This is a perfect outfit for spring time!

I am really happy that I had this opportunity to try FEMME LUXE out. It's also affordable and there are many discounts which is great if you are on the budget! Don't forget to check it out.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think of these outfits or maybe you have ever tried Femme Luxe!  Leave your opinion below!

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