Spring outfits with FEMME LUXE

Monday, March 23, 2020


How are you all doing? Yesterday I spent some time with my mom outside. Walked a bit and took some photos which in my opinion turned out awesome. During this quarantine we need not to forget to go outside and get some fresh air which is crucial for our health.

Few days ago I got a long-awaited package from FEMME LUXE I was so excited to finally try this brand clothes and today I will share few outfits that I put up with FEMME LUXE clothes. Even though it's quarantine I enjoyed getting ready and dressing up nice just for myself to feel better, because most of the days I wear my pajamas all day and don't put makeup at all.

Let's start with more casual pieces! I lost my leather jacket one and a half year ago. Literally, don't know where it went and that is kinda strange. So, I recently bought this one new. Perfect for springtime and I hope we will be able to go outside freely soon! I matched this leather jacket with this Oversized Sweater Mini Dress - Ola in color Khaki and it goes amazing together. This dress has long sleeves that will make you warm. It's oversized and I think it's excellent length. I will definitely wear this dress in school or I can totally spice it up with some accessories or boots. The material of the sweater dress is really soft which is a huge plus. Added a poop of color with red lipstick which makes the whole outfit more interesting.

Next piece from FEMME LUXE is this Black Organza Mini Dress - Faith with Mesh Cuffed Sleeve. I actually never had anything this beautiful than this mini dress and just look at these mesh cuffed sleeves - they are so cute! I can definitely admit this dress is only for special occasions, because it is a bit out of my comfort zone - which I try to step out and I'm really happy that I chose this one. It actually comes in white color too. Can't wait for some party or fancy dinner to wear this stunning dress!

Moving onnn! This Black Mesh Sleeve String Tie Crop Top - Flaca is a little similar to the previous mini dress especially the mesh sleeves, but you can definitely tell that I like this new trend! In my opinion, these mesh sleeves looks feminine and unique cross string tie makes this the must have piece in your wardrobe. As I mentioned before this clothing item is also out of my comfort zone, but I felt really good wearing it and I love how it looks on me! The material is comfortable and you can easy match this top with any bottom of your choice. I am without doubt I will be rocking this top in some party or festival!

On to the last item from FEMME LUXE! Just take a look at these pants! These are Black High Waisted PU Cuffed Leg Joggers - Loz. They are made out of PU - artificial leather that looks and feels like leather but without having to use real animal skin which is amazing! They are really light which is great for warmer seasons. Super comfy and has soft touch to the skin. I especially like the cuffed leg design as well as that they are super high waisted. I matched these joggers with this rainbow sweater and I believe it's really simple to make outfit with these joggers not that casual with a pair of heels. 

Just few more photos wearing the FEMME LUXE high waisted PU joggers. I am really happy that I had this opportunity to try FEMME LUXE out. It's also affordable and there are many discounts which is great if you are on the budget! Don't forget to check it out. 

This evening I will watch the last part of the Godfather film. I can't believe I didn't watch it earlier, because it's really good and I enjoy the plot of the films. So intriguing to see all mafia business and I actually like that there are not so many situations involving women and it focuses mostly on the family business side. Not sure why I like that, but it's more interesting this way for me. 

love, Bernadeta

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