Saturday, March 30, 2019

Giving time for yourself is normal and needed. Not doing anything is fine. You don't need to always be doing something, because you will lose your passion for doing it. It is normal to take breaks and just do nothing. And you ( and I ) should not be ashamed of being lazy.
 The best thing is to find balance. The balance for doing something on time with no stress and leaving time to be lazy and relax. It is hard sometimes when all you want to do is to lay in your bed watching Netflix, but you ( and I ) need to find the will to do these tasks. And I hope by writing this I will feel a bit better for not doing some things that I planned on doing earlier. 

Took these photos when I had many thoughts on my mind and didn't feel right, but I really like these bracelets and also that cake was really good and it was vegan! The white bracelet I brought when I was in Cyprus. The black leather one (gifted) is from @Jinnaboutique on Instagram. You can check out this shop and maybe you can also find something that you will like!

love, Bernadeta

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2 Notes

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have to say giving time to myself seems to be harder than it should be. There is always something to do or a kid to take care of. I really enjoyed your post. Keep them coming!

  2. Thank you for sharing, sometimes there are too many things to deal with!
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