Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jacket - thrifted
Jeans - Berskha
Sneakers - Adidas
T-shirt - Babe Universe
Belt - H&M

The cold season is here and I don't like it to be honest. Having to wear many layers and big jackets is such a struggle. Love this yellowish puffy jacket that I took from my mom and it is thrifted. I think we had this jacket for more than 2 years and this season I have seen some similar pieces on the Internet. The fashion always comes back and this time are these puffy jackets. I have seen many girls wearing similar jackets in my school and on Instagram and I think they look great. It is definitely one of the trendiest things this season and they are comfy and warm too. In my opinion, the bright jacket is the main thing in this outfit. I paired it with simple black jeans and white slogan tee from Babe Universe. And lastly, white Adidas sneakers which are the most comfortable thing ever! 
I spend my last weekend in Vilnius doing some fun activities, but about that I will talk in my next blog post. I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to comment what you think about this outfit and what is your must haves for this season! 

love, bernadeta

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9 Notes

  1. Loving the jacket! The whole outfit is perfect!

  2. I absolutely love this outfit, honestly I would wear this! You have a great taste in fashion!

  3. Love the jacket, and your blog������

  4. Your gold puffer jacket, white graphic T-shirt and black Berskha jeans look fabulous styled together. Great outfit! It looks both attractive and practical. I am should shop for a new jacket and warm socks before winter myself.

  5. Cool Outfit i like you jacket in gold color it looks so nice and perfect on black pant you wear thanks for sharing this idea.