Saturday, August 25, 2018

HEY, loves

How are you doing? How is your Saturday going?
I am happy to share with all of you these burgers that my sister, my mum and I made. And they are Vegan!! I love trying new stuff and these patties were made from falafel ingredients which I LOVE. It only involved chickpeas, green peas and some spices and a little bit of flour. That's it! And it's super easy to make! Just mix everything together and make a round shape and cook it in the pan. 
We bought the buns and then made it a little bit crisp. Added barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and of course a lot of mash AVOCADO!! We love a good guacamole! 

It was freaking one of the best burgers I ever had in my life! I definitely will be doing more of these burgers in the future and these falafel patties are incredibly tasty! You need to try it :)

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So, lets chat a little more about the new things that I am trying and will be trying for now on. Now I'm  really focusing on my skin and the problems and I'm doing everything to make it at least a little more clear. I had acne for many years now. I hate it. It takes so much of my self-confidence and I'm insecure about it. I always have to wear just a little bit of makeup and I fell so insecure when I have no makeup on in public.

I have been doing facials for a year now and it helps at that moment. But after a month it goes back at what it was. I have a skincare routine that I always do in the morning and night and I never go to sleep with makeup on, because it's really bad for your skin! Ditched almost all my favourite dairy products for non-dairy products which I really enjoy. Sadly, I really loved all the yogurts and curd products, but that's the price I get. I drink tons of water and I really like it too. Water helps to solve everything, haha. But all this stuff did not help my skin.

So, I started this 80/20 diet and I know, I know diets are not really healthy for you, but this diet is a little bit different. Let me tell you more about it. For 5 days you eat healthy and all VEGAN and for these two other days you can eat whatever you want! ( but also trying to stay healthy ) I have always appreciated vegans and wanted to try for myself and I also really love all the vegan meals. My sister is vegan for many years now so I kinda know the basics.

I am happy to start this journey to better skin and if you have any tips or vegan recipes you love don't forget to comment them down below! At some point I will do a my full skincare routine and show my face without any makeup at it's worst and the best. Hope these new things will help me!

Question for you: How do you take care of your skin and what's your story? And are you vegan or vegetarian?

love, Bernadeta

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6 Notes

  1. I am no fan of vegan food, but those burgers look so yummy!!


  2. This burger do look so delicious even though it would be something different than what I am use to

  3. love all the picture! and love VEGAN food so much (but i not a vegan , but will be soon)
    burger always look good. is make me hungry now xx