Wednesday, August 15, 2018

HEY, loves
You know that feeling when you are at the beach and you have nothing to worry about and all you do is lay on your towel and soak up the sun? I absolutely love that feeling. And for every perfect day at the beach I usually have my most used essentials on the hand to go. So, now I will share my SUMMER ESSENTIALS with all of you! 

If you have noticed the towel under these things - this towel is my number one and my favourite. Firstly, because of the pattern and I really like it and think now all these patterns are really in. When I bought it like 4 years ago these designs was not that popular, but I still liked and bought it from a thrift shop for only 1 euro! Can you imagine!! 

The best pair of sunglasses that I own. They are so freaking cheap, but they are my favourite and definitely  one of my essentials for this summer. I got them from 4 euros I think and they are from Aliexpress. I would recommend you to look there if you want some cheap, but not cheap looking sunglasses! I love love love them!! 

The Babe Universe tote bag is a must for this summer! They are so amazing and they are eco-friendly too and a major plus for all of us who are looking for our planet. These tote bags are super soft and perfect for all seasons. I will definitely be using it in school time and all year around. Make sure to check out The Babe Universe!! Join it, babe!! 

The white sneakers from Adidas makes me super happy! I have always wanted a pair of white sneakers and I finally decided to but it when I was in Malmo, Sweden. I really love them and I got them for I think kinda cheap. They were only around 49 euros and usually similar sneakers in Lithuania costs about 80/90 euros. That's definitely a steal! Super happy and excited to wear them more!

And lastly, I wanted to talk about this L'officiel magazine. I bought it for two reasons, because I usually don't buy magazines. I saved that one of the Lithuanian blogger shared that she wrote an article in it and I really wanted to read it. And the second reasons is that I wanted to take aesthetic photos with it, haha. That's true, but mostly because of that article. I haven't read it yet, but I will when I will be back from Vilnius. At the beach I love to read books, but for now I will be enjoying this magazine! 

That was all for now and see you soon! 


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