Friday, May 04, 2018

Just a few weeks left of school before it's summer. Are you excited? Because I am! 

Today I'm here to share with you the new phone case that  I really LOVE!

BLURBY - all of their products are designed in Budapest - the creative industry capital of the world. One of the best things this company does is that all their factory employees have fair salary and working hours. It is really important to know that, because we don't even think about how products are being made and in what conditions people are making them.

So, now about the case! This dark green colour is actually "this year" colour and I really like it. Marble cases are always in style and so classy. It looks really good in the hand and it's super soft to touch!

I usually just buy some cheap not cute cases and wear it till it gets broken, but for this time I'm sure it wont. This phone case is made out of great quality materials. Most plastic cases are kinda hard, but this is way softer so it will not broke as easy as the regular cases.

I like this case so so much and you definitely need to check BLURBY, because they were really nice to me and surely because they have amazing cases and other products! 

Hope you like it and make sure to comment what you think about this case in the comments.
Goodbye and see you soon!

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3 Notes

  1. I love the colour and design on this case! It's so nice.

  2. Very beautiful case. 💖

    🌹Zivot je lep,zivot je cudo.🌹