Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Today I had a chance to go thrifting which I love love love to do. I know these days it is really 'trendy' to go to second hand shops, but for me it's different. I have always been going to these shops, because I could not afford to buy clothes, shoes or fashion accessories in real shops. I few years ago I actually would feel embarrassed for it. As usual - what others would think of that. But now I feel really stupid of me thinking that. And now I love going thrifting, because you will never buy the same thing as another person, and it's way more different and original. I think everyone wants to be original. Am I right?

So, there you go, the short opening and a little bit of personal things mixed together. I am happy to start a new thing/series on my blog! I will be doing THRIFT FINDS where I will share with you my newest thrift finds. I have always wanted to do this - so I am finally doing it!
Actually, my most viewed post on this blog is actually Thrift Haul - you can check that post here.

As I mentioned before I went thrift shopping today and now I will share a little more about one of my purchase. THESE BOOTS are incredible! Just look at the pictures I took. I felt in love with these loves when I first saw them. I love the square toes and the heel. I was actually thinking of buying a pair of boots with the same heel as they got. They are originally from Tamaris and they definitely would cost you a lot of money, if you buy them from the shop. They cost my around 8 euros and I was really happy about that. They will be perfect for this season!

This was my first post from the series #THRIFTFINDS and I hope that you like it <3 Don't forget to comment what you think about thrifting! 


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