Saturday, March 24, 2018

 How are you doing?

As I said in my previous post ( check it out, if you haven't - here ), I try to choose vegan/non dairy options as much as I can. I love trying new things that are actually not bad for you. So this time I had a chance to try these sweet tofu treats from "Goodvibes Kitchen". I saw Simona reviewing  them on her blog and then my friend told me to try it. So I definitely needed to try them out.

I bought them at "Biosala" and they cost me 0,99€ each. The first one I tried was with poppy seeds. It was pretty good, but when I tried one with coconuts it absolutely was for the win. The one with coconuts is amazing! It has these coconut flakes inside which makes it crunchy. I am actually in love with all the things with coconuts so that is not an exception.

Love the texture of them and will definitely try more flavors.
If you are looking for something sweet and is good for you, make sure to get your hands on it. Have a great Sunday and I will be posting a new post soon!

Do you have some vegan treats options that you love?
Tell about them in comments


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