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Thursday, December 01, 2016

I don't know how about you but I just yeaterday found out that autumn has ended and winter starts. I really don't feel how fast time passes. To watch movies and series is one of my favorite things from them you can learn new things, have fun and relax. So today I will show you my all time favorite movies! 🎥👅💝

  • Nerve - This movie is for those who love adventure, action and romance in one. I have to admit both main actors are my all time favorites. And I watched just because of Dave Franco. But now this movie is one of my favorite and I will watch many times.
  • Plastic - Adventure, action and drama. Best for those who love movies where the main characters love to get into danger and risks. I discovered this movie when I absolutely didn't known what to do and now this film is one of my favorite.
  • Now you see me - I waited so long t finally see this movie. When it appeared I watched like 3 times in a row. And again I watched only because of Dave Franco. Yess, I known. That's bad. But this movie is absolutely amazing!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn is my ideal and I had to see all her movies. And this is my favourite. This movie is more romantic and it takes to old New York. What could be better?

  • Lacy - This film is a science fiction. Probably one of the most intriguing and interesting movies. The main theme of the film is drugs - the strongest drugs which can kill you within 24 hours. And what will happen to the girl who is unexpectedly associated with them? This movie is incredible and you really need to see.
  • Cafe Society - Another romantic movie whith a lot of famous actors. Film takes us in the old times in New York and Hollywood. The main character falls in love with his uncles lover. How it is going to end? Also in this movie are a lot good qoutes!
  •  Fantastic beast's and where to find them - If you are a fan of Harry Potter series you must see this movie. I watched this movie at cinema and it was really good but not as good as HP. And I known this movie is a lot different than Harry Potter. This movie now is one of my favorites and I'm waiting for other 5 parts of this movie. 
What's your favorite movie? Comment

Hope you liked. See you soon!

Xoxo, Bernadeta

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