Thursday, August 13, 2020


How are you?

The summer is almost gone and I only have one month till my studies begin, but today I am not to talking about that. I will present you a super empowering girl store - Feelin Girl The main purpose this store has is to inspire and aspire to be vibrant, outstanding and most importantly to be yourself and become the best self. You can find many products such as cheap waist trainers, bodysuits, high waisted workout leggings, sports bras, shorts and many more. Now I will introduce some of my favorite items!   

To begin with, I am in love with these cheap waist trainers. I know everyone has seen The Kardashians use them and I have always wished to try them! These are perfect if you always wanted to have a slim waist. The material of it is breathable, soft and also has the high elasticity that helps to adjust to your body type. 

Secondly, we can move to cheap bodysuits which comes in many different colors. I personally think they are best for when you want to wear tight clothes such as bodycon dresses, because these bodysuits helps to shape a perfect body! I believe it can make every outfit more stunning, however, people usually feel best is when they are confident in what they are wearing and I think wearing these bodysuits would definitely make that happen! 

Lastly, I couldn’t resist mentioning Feelin Girl high waisted workout leggings. These are best for training and sports not only because they are breathable, but also they are super comfortable. Don’t forget the fact that it has elasticated waist, which makes it more convenient. There are so many different designs and colors that everyone can easily choose what they like most.

That’s all for today and if you liked anything from the FEELINGIRL don’t forget to check it out! They have so many more items than I mentioned in this blog post. 

Best wishes! 

love, Bernadeta

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